enhancing human performance to drive business results

Who We Are

We are a group of professionals who are passionate about our work: helping our clients to enhance what they already do well to attain greater results.

Since 1984 Strategic Enhancement Group has worked with organizations large and small, domestic and global, across diverse industries to accomplish amazing results by helping them attract, develop and retain their best talent. Over 150,000 people from 600 companies and organizations in 37 states and 33 countries have benefitted from development opportunities that helped them increase their personal effectiveness, not only on the job but in life as well.

What We Do

We are experts in...

  • Training fund raisers who get better results
  • Developing stronger leaders: now and into the future
  • Helping individuals improve their work and life skills
  • Hiring the right people

We are committed to offering superior programs and services, using tools from the best resources available. We tap a network of world class consultants and facilitators with strong business backgrounds to address our clients’ needs. SEG is also a proud partner of Wilson Learning Worldwide, Get Control™, Celemi, Mercer, Oxicon, the Innovator Company and Learning Solutions. Working with these fine organizations, we bring planning, training, development, coaching and assessments that challenge people to think and perform in ways that lead to greater job satisfaction.

How We Do It

As we work with you to Bridge the Gap between Learning and Results™ we help you design solutions to achieve your definition of success.

Bridging the Gap with SEG

Our systems approach (Performance Enhancement Processes – “PEP’s”) to personal and cultural development creates long term effectiveness and greater value for our clients. We help you focus, identify, evaluate, develop, reinforce and measure to achieve your desired results. Read more

Our Vows to Our Clients

We will:

  • build on your strengths to enhance what you already do well and elevate you to the next level
  • listen to and stay focused on your goals
  • work to help you make sense of complexity
  • meet you where you are and not push anything for which you are not ready
  • help you develop skilled and committed world-class leaders, managers, sales people, customer service and staff who will produce sustainable results here and around the world
  • work to simplify your life while adding value, supporting you however you want us to support you
  • be fully engaged and invested in your success
  • make it easy for you to work with us

Tim is an exceptional talent. He combines natural gifts of analysis and people skills into a professional composite that is only rarely achieved. Not only does he teach others well but he has the proven experience and track record to be a trusted advisor.

Steve Webster

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