Fund Raising and Fund Raising Management

Fund Raising and Fund Raising Management

Fund raising is more than a technique, or set of techniques. It is a process.

But more importantly, it is a process executed from the donor's perspective. The exceptional fund raiser understands that people want you to help them give, not be be solicited. They are consultative, understanding their donors well enough to match the mission and goals of their organization with those of their donors. They are also strategic, landing donors whose commitments bring stability and growth to their organization. They keep a good balance between meeting the needs of their supporters and advancing the business of their own organization.

Since 1984, we have worked with some of the best non-profits in the world to build their cultures and teams and bring exceptional value to their supporters. Our Performance Enhancement Process can include any or all of these components.

We are experts in:


Planning for today and the future

  • In the context of your vision, goals and strategies, focus on the right elements that will make the vision a reality
  • Develop donor and constituent-centric strategic plans

Identifying the skills required for present and future success based on your strategic goals

  • Strategic sessions that balance current operational models and paradigms against long term objectives and market conditions

Assessing the levels of proficiency in the right skills and acquiring the right people

  • 360 Assessment
  • Pre-post Course Skill Specific Surveys
  • Hiring/Selection Process

Enhancing skills for today and the future

  • Pre-course Executive Overview and Communication Strategy
  • Presentation Skills
  • Consultative Fund Raising
  • Versatility
  • Negotiating
  • Strategic Opportunity Management
  • Using Email Efficiently and Effectively
  • Custom Programs

Providing support, feedback and follow up to get a strong ROI for your training investment

  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Coaching Tools
  • Feedback and Review
  • On the Job Activities
  • Refresher Programs

Taking stock of success from your investment in training and development, we can help you measure at four levels

  1. Course Evaluations
  2. Attitude Change
  3. Behavior Change
  4. Business Impact

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