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The Importance of Co-creating with Supporters

By Tim Deuitch  |  November 6, 2017

The Importance of Co-creating with Supporters

A profound path to relevance occurs when you involve your stakeholder in bringing about the experience they most prefer. The traditional United Way gathers feedback from participants at events or processes, retreats into the office ‘laboratory’, tweaks the activity into an updated version, and hopes the stakeholder likes the new version as it’s rolled out again. The more relevant path for all involved is when the event, process, or activity is co-created with the stakeholders involved.

Typical activities that are better when co-created:

  • Volunteer projects
  • Workplace campaign events (training, debriefs, recognition)
  • Public events (kick-offs, celebrations)
  • Relationship building moments (Cultivation, CEO Visits)

Co-creation helps the United Way:

  • Create new and meaningful experiences as defined by the supporter.
  • Be innovative. Often helping remove sacred cow behaviors and approaches.
  • Offer a new and exciting way for supporters to get involved

If you really want to innovate and create the most meaningful moments for supporters, include them in designing, constructing and launching these moments. You’ll be glad you did.


Tim Deuitch

Senior Performance Consultant

Tim brings over 25 years of experience working closely with business leaders throughout the Twin Cities and the USA. He has worked within a multitude of workplace cultures and economic cycles, helping leaders and teams improve their effectiveness and results. Since joining SEG in 2007, Tim has continued his work as a change agent, helping organizations meet their goals. Tim graduated from Warren Wilson College in 1983 with a B.S. degree in social work.

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