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Thoughts While Taking Down the Ornaments…

By Tim Deuitch  |  January 27, 2016

Thoughts While Taking Down the Ornaments…

Lives Touched

In my business, measuring ‘lives touched’ is a passion. This is our way of tracking the people we counsel, train, and collaborate with. In 2015, I was blessed to exceed 1,000 lives touched, and Strategic Enhancement Group exceeded 5,000. My thanks to all of you for your trust and the chance to be of service. What does this have to do with ornaments?

Gratitude and reflection. Anyone who displays a Christmas tree knows that ornaments mark the special moments and people in our lives. Among nearly 50 Santa’s and Herbie the Dentist, we hang the symbols of our family; a 60 year old angel; grade school crafts; beautiful ballerinas; and cooking utensils. It displays places we’ve been and the sports we play. I’m sure your tree looks like this.

We also hang a few from the business side of my life, the times when work and life are woven in all the right ways. My first boss and mentor carved my name into wood with his new saw, so I hang “Tim” every year. My first Administrative Assistant gave me an ornament she crafted just a year before she lost her life to cancer. I’ve lived in five places because of work and we hang mementos from each. They remind me that the people and places of my work are a vital part of my life.

So as we dive into 2016 I want to express one more moment of gratitude and reflection for those in the business side of my life. I am always grateful for the chance to help, and feel privileged when asked.

My best to you all for a prosperous and healthy year!


Tim Deuitch

Senior Performance Consultant

Tim brings over 25 years of experience working closely with business leaders throughout the Twin Cities and the USA. He has worked within a multitude of workplace cultures and economic cycles, helping leaders and teams improve their effectiveness and results. Since joining SEG in 2007, Tim has continued his work as a change agent, helping organizations meet their goals. Tim graduated from Warren Wilson College in 1983 with a B.S. degree in social work.

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