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As we work with you to Bridge the Gap between Learning and Business Results™ we help you design solutions to achieve your definition of success. Our systems approach (Performance Enhancement Processes – “PEP’s”) to personal and cultural development creates long term effectiveness and greater value for our clients.

Bridging the Gap between Learning and Business Results™ for Nonprofit OrganizationsPerformance Enhancement Process Table

PEP Components


Planning for today and the future

What do you want to accomplish? Using our discovery process, we help you define your business issues and desired outcomes. We focus on your mission, your vision, your strategies and goals to define the direction we need to take. In some cases, we have helped clients create their vision and develop their strategies.

We help you identify the critical issues affecting the adaptability, responsiveness and performance of your workforce. We look at your performance needs and your environment to provide uniquely designed solutions to achieve desired and measurable results – results that align with strategies, fit with your culture and meet budgets! You get results that meet your definition of success, from strategy to execution.


Identifying the skills required to achieve your vision

What do you need to do to achieve your vision? Based on your performance needs, we identify the competencies required to meet your objectives. Using best practices, focus groups and interviews, we pinpoint the needed skills, knowledge and attitudes to achieve the levels of performance that yield the results you want.


Assessing the levels of proficiency in the right skills and acquiring the right people

Do your people have the right skills? Do you have the right people? How do you find the right people? Using the competencies required to be successful (either yours or those we have developed) we assess your people’s current skill levels to determine the areas of strength and areas needing further development. We can also help create interviewing protocols that will help you identify the right people who have the right skills to perform successfully in your environment.


Enhancing skills for today and the future

How do you enhance your ability to execute your strategies? We provide learning opportunities that connect individual performance with the organization’s strategies. We help you create a plan that provides the right training to the right people, at the right time.


Providing support, feedback and follow up to get a strong ROI for your training investment

How do you make sure you are getting the behavior change you need? Studies show that training alone increases productivity by about 15%. But, when combined with coaching and reinforcement, training can improve productivity by as much as 88%. We help your managers reinforce the new skills to accelerate performance by providing them with coaching skills, reinforcement tools and activities.


Taking stock of success from your investment in training and development, we can help you measure at four levels

How will you know when you are successful? We can help you measure results on various levels from program evaluation to return on investment measures. From reassessing skills to customer surveys to Impact Evaluations to ROI studies, we can help you know if what you did helped your employees and organization succeed.

We have full time project managers who work with our clients to make sure their projects run smoothly and seamlessly. Our goal is to be easy to work with and to provide support that you, our client, values.

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